War Thunder Free Download | War Thunder Game Review

War Thunder Free Download | War Thunder Game Review

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War Thunder Free Download & ReviewWar Thunder Free Download

War Thunder Free Download – War Thunder is the next-generation MMO combat game dedicated to WWII military aviation and tanks. War Thunder offers a highly detailed and personalized combat experience giving players access to hundreds of models of planes. And tanks with upgradeable weapons technologies and skills.

When it comes to air combat, a trio of game difficulty settings allows everyone from casual shooters to more hardcore simmers to get comfortable. You can play in the physics-lite Arcade Battles mode, move up to the more rigorous Realistic setting. You can even go all-out with the gruelling Simulator option. Arcade is the easiest way to play, thanks to amenities like starting in mid-flight in aerial combat and offering unlimited ammo both in the air and on the ground.

Visuals are occasionally striking, if not as consistently triumphant. Maps range across many theatres of war, from undulating waves to rolling green hills, and vehicle models are comprehensively drawn. Although battles rage at such a speed and such a distance that you can’t afford to take much time to admire the scenery. Since so many online games especially those with this sort of scope hosting such a large number of players sacrifice visual quality for speed and playability. It’s nice to see that few corners were cut here.

War Thunder gives us lots of reasons to get behind the stick, or wheel, of a ton of great World War II-era vehicles. With strong visuals and convincing audio backing it up, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent inside my P-36 Hawk.

War Thunder is a sprawling WWII simulation that you can lose yourself in due to its wide scope, intense combat and tremendous number of vehicles. Casual and challenging difficulty settings, and extensive upgrade paths. Also, the game is constantly growing with the addition of new planes, tanks, and maps. And the promise of naval forces and more modes of play. While the initial learning curve is daunting, this is one of those games that opens up dramatically the more that you play it. So the time commitment is worthwhile whether you’re a laid-back dog-fighter or a hardcore simmer.

Download War Thunder free and play online and you can join million other playing which really make the game more fun. Enjoy Playing War Thunder if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment or contact us.

Download War Thunder Free

War Thunder Free Download

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