Lose Weight Fast Tips | How to Lose Weight

Lose Weight Fast Tips | How to Lose Weight

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Tips on how to help you lose weight fast.

1. At breakfast drink orange juice but during the rest of the day drink water and make sure you don’t have any more juice or any fizzy drinks this will help you to lose weight.

2. Just having one less snack a day whether it’s juice or a chocolate bar means you will be saving your self 100 calories a day on average. But if you miss out on three of your usual treats a day that saves you 300 calories a day X that by 7 days then that will save you 2100 calories and soon you will see the difference in no time.

3. Always remember to wait for your stomach to tell you that you are hungry. I know at the start it will be difficult but we all have to start somewhere and it’s not easy but determination is key here to help you lose weight.

4. Spend 10 minutes everyday going up and down the stairs for you to be able to lose 10 pounds of weight a year. I know it don’t sound much but it all adds up with everything else.

5. Another way to lose weight fast is to walk for 45 minutes everyday instead of 30 minutes. I know it sounds odd but studies show that you can lose weight faster and you would burn 300 calories more just because for an extra 15 minutes of walking.

6. Once you’ve had dinner go ahead and look the kitchen do for 12 hours. A study shows that if you stop late night snacking can save 300 or more calories in a day, or 31 pounds a year.

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I will be adding more tips soon but for now here’s information on how to diet properly. Feel free to comment and i will be happy to help. Good luck in your weight loss.

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