How to STOP your dog going NUTS on-leash

How to STOP your dog going NUTS on-leash

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Dog Training Tips, Ever found yourself walking along with your dog on the leash when suddenly they spot another dog and it all goes CRAZY?

To other people it can look really bad and it’s really embarrassing for you the dog owner because you look so completely out of control.

I think what makes it SO frustrating is that when you try and stop them by shouting and pulling on the leash…  It just gets worse! Sound familiar?


Dogs naturally walk at a faster pace than we humans do.  The reason Dogs, especially young dogs do this is just because there are happy and excited to be outdoors. This makes them want to get to as many places as possible, in as little time as possible. They also pull to get to see other dogs and people that they see walking. They will also pull when they are afraid of something and all they want to do is to get away.


How do you combat this?


1. When you go on a walk with your dog and he starts to pull tug the leash and say shhh shhh and if he still tugs just stand still and ignore your dog tugging he will get bored. Once he has stopped tugging/pulling on the leash quickly reword him with a treat.


2. You got to be consistent in your stops as soon our dog pulls/tugs on the leash. In the start you would be stopping more often but this will get better oh and remember once you stop and he stops pulling and you reward him walk the other way. This shows him that your in control to go to your destination.



3. Always try and praise/talk to your dog/puppy to keep him interested in you and to stop him from being distracted from other thing on your walk.


Try this leash training and you should see some results in a few days. I did this with my Doberman and has worked great for me. I know it sounds simple but sometimes the simple things work give it a go and let me know how you get on.


Rember with all dodg training it takes time but at the end the dog training that you did will be so rewarding so never give up on you dog training if you want you dog to be the dog you always dreamt of having. Good Luck!
If you need any more advice please feel free to contact me or leave a comment.
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