How Long to Fry Chicken Pieces – Learn How to Cook

How Long to Fry Chicken Pieces - Learn How to Cook

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How Long to Fry Chicken Pieces

Need to know how long to fry chicken? Let’s begin…

To deep fat fry chicken then generally coated with crumbs or batter. If you use a crumb coating then the chicken piece should be set aside for 30 minutes to dry after they have been coated with the crumbs.

If you are using batter then you can batter the chicken just before frying. When you deep fry the chicken make sure you don,t cut the chicken pieces to big and make sure they are all about the same size. I say this because smaller pieces cook quicker than lager pieces of chicken and you will not have all the chicken coming out at the same time. Also as bigger pics take longer to cook means that the outside crust would be really overcooked.

To fry you need to fill a pan about half full of oil and wait for the oil to heat up. The best way i find to know if the oil is hot enough is to get just one chip and put it in the oil. Once the chip floats to the top then it means the oil is hot enough for the chicken to be placed in.

Using tongs place 4 to 5 pieces but make sure you don’t overcrowd it so the chicken can cook properly. Be careful when you put the chicken in as oil can splash a little.

Cook the chicken until golden brown, around 6 to 10 minutes. Once the pieces are done remove them from the oil and place them on a paper towel just to allow the grease to be drained from the chicken pieces.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I will be posting more on how to fry and how to cook foods. I will also add some recipes so be sure to bookmark us and come back for more.How to Fry Chicken Pieces

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